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今世乡土办公室 越南 / Ho Khue Architects

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本文摘要:越南岘港现代乡村办公室The Modern Village Office / Ho Khue Architects由专筑网缕夕,李韧编译来自修建事务所的形貌。已往都会还没生长起来的时候,孩子们都是在乡村里长大,乡村里没有便利的设施,而且较为落伍。而现在,越来越多的都会人来到这里定居。他们主要居住在都会,但却纪念幼时的水泥墙,以及村子里的竹子配合营造的田园风景情形。


越南岘港现代乡村办公室The Modern Village Office / Ho Khue Architects由专筑网缕夕,李韧编译来自修建事务所的形貌。已往都会还没生长起来的时候,孩子们都是在乡村里长大,乡村里没有便利的设施,而且较为落伍。而现在,越来越多的都会人来到这里定居。他们主要居住在都会,但却纪念幼时的水泥墙,以及村子里的竹子配合营造的田园风景情形。

Text description provided by the architects. Children from centuries in the past until now were born and raised in the countryside without many amenities and little money. These are now successful city dwellers. They are now modern but have not forgotten the images and feeling of cement rooves, the low brick walls, and the bamboo that permeates the village. © Hiroyuki Oki© Hiroyuki Oki漂亮的田园风景深深影响着今天的老一代人。随着国家的生长,都会里泛起玻璃、空和谐极简设计。

人们对缺乏情感的情况感应厌倦,钢筋混凝土森林如同机械般酷寒。因此,与已往的乡村一样,这个办公室的设计中也添加了可连续情况因素。This scene has nurtured so many of today’s generation of successful people. As the country develops and they flock to urban settings surrounded by glass, air conditioning and monotonous designs. They become bored with the surroundings that lack emotions and feel a robotic sense of detachment. The Office has feeling and is environmentally sustainable, as were the villages of the past. © Hiroyuki Oki剖面图/Section© Hiroyuki Oki原来这块园地中有一些老屋子,周边有白色的蒲苇、原生的竹子灌木,以及在恶劣情况条件下生存下来的植物。

Ho Khue Architects (ALPES)的设计理念是将现代艺术办公室联合自然情况,营造乡村复古怀旧的感受。出现外表舒缓、自然,并在修建中种植许多当地植物。

Originally the large lot contained some old houses, white pampas grass, native bamboo shrubs, and plants that survived on the ambient conditions with little input from people. Ho Khue Architects (ALPES) design concept was to evoke the old feeling of the village in our state of the art modern office as being part of nature. Today’s appearance is soothing, natural, and contains many of the surrounding native plants in the structure.© Hiroyuki Oki香蕉树、黄色的灌木丛和当地植物被移植到办公室的一层。在修建入口处另有一个水池来种植可收成的植物。修建西南面用带有板条的装饰性混凝土制作而成,阻隔了炎热太阳的直射,并到达通风透气的效果。


Banana Trees, yellow bushes and native plants were transplanted to the first floor of the office. There is also a water feature with slat steps at the front door with harvested plants. The southwest exposure is built with decorative concrete with slats to keep out the hot sun and allow air flow from the ocean breezes. 图解/Diagram 01© Hiroyuki Oki© Hiroyuki Oki屋顶也用于种植植物,使得顶层在炎热的天气下不会温渡过高。这个楼层设有行政办公室、集会室和带有完整厨房的大型开放式就餐区。藤蔓着花植物围绕开放区域,形成荫蔽之地和漂亮的景观。这是一个漂亮的场所,既有自然通风、又有令人赏心悦目的植物,为客户和员工提供舒适的事情生活情况。

The rooftop is densely planted with the grasses and other plants to cool the lower floors. This floor houses the executive office, meeting room, and large open sided lunch room with a complete kitchen. Vining flowering plants surround the open areas to create shade and beauty. It is a professional place with natural ventilation, pleasing plantings, and comfortable environment for clients and workers.© Hiroyuki Oki© Hiroyuki Oki为了重现乡村家园的气氛,修建师使用了非传统烧结砖。地板由浅灰色混凝土瓷砖制成。水泥屋顶如同乡村修建一般,由于它的三维结构,形成了一定的立体空间。

这是一座具有永恒感的现代修建。In order to recreate the ambience of a countryside home we used bricks that were not burnt by the kiln. The floor is made of decorative concrete tiles with a ground light grey finish. The cement roofs appear as scaffolding as was the method of construction in the countryside. This gives depth because of its 3 dimensional structure. A modern building with an ageless feeling.© Hiroyuki Oki在这个现代化的办公室里事情可以唤起人们对童年的回忆,以及旧时朴素的生活。从海上袭来的风十分凉爽,带着舒适的温度,室内冷热平衡。

当今年轻一代可能没有时间在乡间生活。但这个办公室却为都市人群带来了浓郁的乡村精神和灵魂。Working in this modern office evokes feelings reminiscent of childhood and a time when life was simpler. The air flow is fresh from the sea leading to comfortable temperature without being cold. Today’s younger generation may have had little or no time in the countryside. This office has brought the spirit and the heart of the rural areas to the workplace. © Hiroyuki Oki© Hiroyuki Oki© Hiroyuki Oki© Hiroyuki Oki© Hiroyuki Oki© Hiroyuki Oki位置图/Location一层平面图/First Floor Plan二层平面图/Second Floor Plan三层平面图/Third Floor Plan四层平面图/Fourth Floor Plan屋顶平面图/Roof Plan立面图/Elevation 01立面图/Elevation 02立面图/Elevation 03• 修建事务所:Ho Khue Architects• 项目位置:越南,岘港• 主建立筑师:Ho Khue• 修建面积:350平方米• 项目年份:2016年。



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